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Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification, 1972

We’ve all seen, or at least heard of the 1977 film; ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but do we really know what it means or where it came from? Hynek’s Scale of UFO Classification has played a major role in identifying the type of contact or encounter an individual may have had with a UFO or an alien entity. Many years after, his work in the USAF he carried out independent research on UFOs, developing the Close Encounter Classification System and is widely considered the father of the concept of scientific analysis of both reports and, especially, trace evidence supposedly left by UFOs. 

UFO reports differ in many details but can be categorised by similarities that recur such as feature, shape, appearance, disappearance, sound and colour.

Relatively Distant Sightings, or Distant Encounters (DE)

  • Nocturnal Lights or DE-1: Features sightings or well defined lights in the night sky whose appearance and/or motion are not explainable in terms or conventional light sources. The lights may appear red, blue, orange or white. These DE’s form the largest group of UFO reports. 
  • Close Encounters of the First Kind or CE-1: Though the witness observes a UFO nearby, there appears to be no interaction with either the witness or the environment. 
  • Close Encounters of the Second Kind or CE-2: These encounters include details of interaction of the UFO and the environment which may vary from interference with car ignition systems and electronic gear to imprints or burns on the ground and physical effects on plant’s and the surrounding area.
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind or CE-3: In this category, occupants of a UFO - entities that are human-like or ‘humanoid’ or not human-like have been reported. There is usually no direct contact or communication with the witness. However, in recent years, reports of incidents involving very close contact - even detainment of witnesses have been reported.   

There have also been additions to the scale such as:

  • Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind or CE-4: This involves a person being unwillingly abducted and used for experimentation purposes.
  •  Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind or CE-5: This is when there is a direct form of communication between ETs and humans, this is the rarest experience of them all and very few people have experienced it. 
  • Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind or CE-6: When contact between ETs and humans results in injury or even death. 
  • Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind or CE-7: The mating between an ET and a human subject, that produces a hybridisation, usually called a ‘Star Child’.